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Are workers at your business passing around a common cold? Constantly sick? Using hand sanitizer but still no difference?

If you answered YES to the questions above then maybe you should look to your current janitorial provider! Advanced Cleaning Systems knows that a number one important factor in janitorial service is proper disinfectant usage. Knowing is only a part of it and I find most do not even know how to properly use the disinfectant. Knowing is simple. Just see the attached pic. Now getting your workers to do it properly is the challenge.


At ACS we hold meetings with our employees to make sure they have a clear understanding of how to use their disinfectant and the importance of it. We have also implemented and expanded our training and inspection program. With our inspection program, this helps ACS monitor our employees to ensure they follow through with our disinfection procedures.

Can your current janitorial provider say the same? For questions or quotes please email our Operations Manager/Inspector:

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