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Dear customers,


In these uncertain times, we wanted to reach out to each of you about what we are doing here at Advanced Cleaning Systems. Please be assured we are equally concerned about the potential spread of the Coronavirus. ACS recently held mandatory meetings with our employees at our office in the last couple of weeks to specifically address and plan for this. We reviewed chemical labels, the required use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), proper disinfecting methods according to the Center for Disease Control, addressed disinfecting touch surfaces, dwell times per chemical labels, and more. ACS is using a disinfectant that specifically kills Coronavirus and have stressed to all employees the importance of disinfecting touch surfaces properly. In the next few weeks we are planning to follow up with employees to reiterate all of this.


Please be aware that not all disinfectants kill coronavirus. Read the label. I have asked employees to do the same for offices who supply their own chemicals and to leave a note for the office manager asking them to purchase such disinfectant. This can also be provided by ACS for an additional fee. Please let us know if you need ACS to supply the proper chemicals. 


ACS was chosen to do a story on disinfecting with the local news station and there was some great info for those at home. You can find this story on our Facebook page if you missed it or here directly from Erie News- 


In the next few weeks ACS will heighten inspections to follow up on this. Please feel free to follow up with any other concerns you may have.


Center for Disease Control on how to protect yourself:

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