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What are some of the other services ACS provides?


Some of the services ACS provides include: detailing of small or large areas, floor maintenance including new tile sealing, handling of bio-hazardous materials in medical facilities, regular maintenance cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and windows (in and out).  Services are never limited. If there is a service you wish ACS to provide and it is not listed, please feel free to contact us


Are ACS workers properly trained to clean in a medical facility? 


Yes, all ACS/APS employees that work in a medical facility have taken a class through the American Red Cross which teaches them safety in handling Blood Borne Pathogens and a course on infectious materials. 


How do I know ACS workers will maintain privacy of documents in my facility? 


All ACS employees are required to sign a pledge of confidentiality which protects all ACS/APS customer owned information. Within this document it is made clear to each employee that any breach of their duty to maintain confidentiality could result in termination or possible liability in any legal action that may arise.  


How do I apply for a job with ACS?


You can go to the Employment with ACS page by clicking on this link and it will direct you to any open positions with ACS.  


Who is APS,LLC.?

Advanced Property Systems is a sister company of Advanced Cleaning Systems from which we can pull resources when needed. This company was established in 2011 to meet the needs of the industrial market. APS, LLC is also an equal opportunity employer. 

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